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I'm Chris, a 46-year-old Dad of 3 here in Ireland, where I run my own in-person training facility for Men Over 40.

Following my successes over 15 years with getting hundreds of local guys 40+ back in shape even when they thought it was "too late" or "too hard", I decided to try and help men over 40 worldwide in the same way.

Through my writing, video courses and coaching services I have now helped even more guys across the globe to build sustainable habits around:

  • Healthy Lifestyle

  • Diet & 

  • Fitness 

allowing them to THRIVE after 40, rather than just survive.

You can contact me any time via email (chris at offacoach dot com) if you're struggling to get motivated, or stay consistent with looking after yourself better and getting a body shape you're proud of, or even if you just have a quick question - I'll always reply!

Make sure to grab your TWO free guides - DadBod Overhaul Workouts and Men Over 40 Supplements Guide here, and if you need more help to build all the healthy habits you need after 40, check out my video course, Operation Handsome B*stard

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