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My Experience at 47: Do Prostate Supplements Work?

I thought it would be useful for guys to hear from my personal experience to help you understand whether supplements for prostate work...

do prostate supplements work

If you are trawling the internet for information on how effective prostate supplements are, if they work etc then I'm gonna assume you are suffering from some of the symptoms I was recently:

  • weak 'flow' when you pee

  • never feeling like you've emptied your bladder completely

  • up in the middle of the night for a pee, so interrupted sleep

  • inability to hold in a pee for long

Yeah I know, we just met and already you know a bit too much about my prostate problems and pee! But it can honestly wreck your life, constantly being caught short, always needing to pee urgently then never feeling happy (if you now what I mean!) with your pee.

I was suffering from Prostate Hyperplasia, an enlarged prostate which then pushes on the urethra, thickening the bladder wall and ultimately weakening the bladder, narrowing the urethra and stopping that glorious full flow we had in our younger years!

I'm glad to say I eventually 'fixed' things, through some lifestyle changes and a supplement, Prostadine, which I stumbled upon after trying a couple of other things.

So I'll quickly explain the lifestyle changes I made (I'm a 47 year old fitness and lifestyle coach so I kind of knew what I should have been doing anyway), then I'll explain what prostate supplements work (in my experience) and what I recommend to you if you're in the same boat I was - Sound good?

Make These Simple Lifestyle Changes FIRST Before Prostate Supplements

I'm afraid no prostate supplements works to correct the cr*p lifestyle habits many guys fall into after 40, which can cause an enlarged prostate (I've written a bit before about mens healthy lifestyle tips by the way).

Any prostate supplements you take need to be alongside a few simple changes to how you live:

  • Maintain a healthy weight

  • Stay active

  • Don't Smoke

  • Limit Booze

  • Manage Stress

  • Eat Your Veggies

Yeah I know, nothing ground-breaking there right? Turns out maintaining good prostate health is done in the same way we should all be maintaining overall health! But anyway, onto prostate supplements that can further help to clear up this damn enlarged prostate...

So Do Prostate Supplements Work? Well These Did...

If you've been clicking around Google for a bit before stumbling on my little blog, you'll have seen a couple of prostate supplements mentioned - Saw Palmetto and Nettle Root - both cheap and natural supplements for your prostate that DO work... a bit:

Saw Palmetto has been shown in multiple studies to reduce the symptoms of our enlarged prostates - better flow, less urgency.

I took 320mg a day (cos thats what the bottle told me to do!) for a month and the BEST outcome was no longer needing to get to pee at freakin 3am.

The Saw Palmetto made sure the pee I had before bed was the last pee I needed until the next morning which was a HUGE plus.

Nettle Root has again been proven to reduce our Prostate Hyperplasia symptoms in plenty of studies. I took 360mg a day for the 4 weeks after Saw Palmetto (to better gauge what prostate supplement was doing what!) and certainly had some improved flow of pee, and less severe symptoms,

The Daddy of Prostate Supplements That Worked Best (For Me)

Saw Palmetto and Nettle Root helped a bit, certainly I felt less controlled by what my bladder felt like doing each day, which was great. But I still didn't feel fixed.

Google had picked up on my searches and kept showing me ads for Prostadine. I hate ads, never trust them, always assume they're for something sketchy, trying to rip me off.

Eventually I relented though, because when I read the page all about Prostadine it opened my eyes a little about the other things we need to look at for prostate health which is Kidney and Urinary Tract health, both of which contribute to the enlarged prostate symptoms.

I won't regurgitate all the ingredients in Prostadine, just check out the page, but I can confirm that after getting through one bottle, I definitely felt 'fixed'. Like a fire hose when I went to pee, and only a couple of times a day instead of 8-10.

Also, my erect*ons felt stronger too, which was a welcome side effect of better blood flow 'down there' in general (by the way of you're also wondering do testosterone supplements work then check out this post!).

Did That Help?

I know how murky the world of supplements can be, I have certainly wasted a ton of money on useless over-promising cr*p over the years!

So I wanted to put this post out there to help guys who are trying to figure out do prostate supplements work?

Saw Palmetto and Nettle Root are two prostate supplements that work, while Prostadine (which contains Saw Palmetto too) seems to be the best for me - it's not super-cheap, but to be honest I'd have spent a lot more to just no longer be a slave to my damn bladder!

Take care mate!

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