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Do Testosterone Supplements Work? The Winners and Losers Explained...

do testosterone supplements work

Which Testosterone Boosting Supplements Work and Which Are Useless?

Up until a few years ago I would always get sucked in, convinced that the latest, greatest testosterone supplements would work.

The marketing blurb would convince me that my lack of progress with building muscle, getting in shape, and losing weight had nothing to do with my workouts or diet.

No, it seemed that my problems were actually due to not taking this weird herb found in the foothills of the Himalayas, used by local tribes for centuries, and now available to me in pill form for just $99.99!

I finally learned my lesson, but so that you can save yourself from wasting your hard-earned cash on things that don’t work, I want to explain what the most common Testosterone Boosting supplements actually do, which testosterone supplements work, and then you can decide if they’ll be of benefit to you.

Wait - Why Do We Want More Testosterone Anyway?

Having adequate testosterone production is beneficial for men in many ways:

  • Muscle retention/building

  • Libido

  • Bone health

  • Lifts mood/Confidence

  • Sperm production

  • Fat metabolism

  • Memory/Concentration

The problem with some supplements is that they make you feel like you have higher Testosterone, when in actual fact they’ve done nothing of the sort.

Confused? Let me explain…


When Increased Libido Does Not Equal Increased Testosterone

If your Testosterone levels were genuinely higher, you would be able to synthesise protein better, which is ideal if you're wondering can you build muscle after 40.

BUT... Several supplements claiming to boost Testosterone actually just, well… make you hornier. Things like:

  • Tribulus Terrestris

  • D-Aspartic Acid

  • Maca Root

… all claim to boost Testosterone. And you will feel like they have done so. But they haven’t. So for muscle-building and fat metabolism purposes they are useless.

They are a more natural solution than Viagra if you simply want to boost your libido though.

At a push you could claim that the fact they make you feel more confident, in a better mood and with a higher libido could make you want to work out more, and eat better.

Therefore they can sort-of, kinda help you make progress in the gym if you weren’t before (due to low mood and energy), but in terms of actually helping you build more muscle than you could have without them, it’s a Big Fat No.

Let's look at Testosterone Supplements that DO work though...


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Testosterone Supplements That Actually Work

Then we have Testosterone Boosting supplements that DO increase your Testosterone, but only back to the levels they should be.

If your lifestyle and diet have caused your Test levels to dip too low as you are stressed, run down, and deficient in certain vitamins and minerals that you need to produce healthy amounts of testosterone, some supplements can help reverse that.

Things like:

  • Zinc

  • Magnesium

  • Ashwaghanda

  • Vitamin D3

will boost Testosterone back to where it should be, and in that sense WILL help you build muscle again of you’ve been stalling in the gym, while helping you regain lost energy, drive and focus.

But if you are sitting there following a healthy lifestyle, sleeping adequately, not suffering from high stress levels and eating a rich and varied healthy diet… first of all Well Done You (!), and you will get no benefit Testosterone-wise from those supplements either.

Testosterone Supplements That Fix Hormonal Imbalances

Lastly we come to Testosterone Boosting Supplements that just correct hormonal (or in some cases glycoprotein) imbalances, again allowing your Test levels to return to normal having been depressed.

For example:

  • L-Dopa will lower elevated Prolactin levels which have been lowering your Test, allowing Test levels to bounce back

  • Boron will lower elevated SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) levels, which have been lowering your Free Testosterone levels, allowing them to bounce back to normal.

  • Tongkat Ali will lower men’s Estrogen which in turn allows Testosterone to increase back to where it should be.

So are any of these Testosterone supplements worth your money?

Yes and No, as long as you understand WHY you are taking them. None of these supplements will provide the “Steroid-Like Gainzzz” promised by the ads, or in the made-up testimonials from some huge guy claiming he only looks that way due to taking “Testomaxobol 3000".

As you have read, there are some supplements that can boost your libido if that’s an issue for you. Others can help get your Test levels back to a normal level too.

But to be honest, no supplement will boost your Testosterone better than the standard mens healthy lifestyle tips like:

  • Getting Enough Sleep

  • Not drinking too much booze

  • Having a healthy body fat level

  • Working out 3–4 times per week

  • Taking steps to reduce stress

To understand the best supplements to take for men over 40, be sure to download my Men Over 40 Supplements Guide FREE below (AND get my DadBod Overhaul workout program too!)

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