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How to Have a Healthy Mindset in your 40s, 50s and Beyond

Healthy mindset habits are hard to build as we get older, but it IS possible. Here's how to get a healthy mindset despite your crazy work and family life!

how to have a healthy mindset
Healthy Mindset/Diet. Image from Canva

Why do we struggle to have a healthy mindset?

The thing is, we all know what we should be doing to look after our health, fitness, and well-being. I mean, nobody is munching down Coco Pops, not exercising, not sleeping well and thinking "Hey I'm Super Healthy!".

But there's a disconnect between knowing the healthy habits we need to build, and actually, y'know, doing stuff that moves the needle and helps us thrive as we get older.

And this comes down to mindset. By prioritizing your health and well-being over the other 101 things demanding your time and attention, you can slowly build a much healthier mindset, and:

  • get back in shape

  • lose weight

  • reduce stress

  • lift your energy and mood

  • re-balance your hormones

... or whatever it is you want to achieve health and fitness-wise.

So I want to share how I have managed to get in better shape in my 40s than in my 20s, and helped hundreds of clients worldwide do likewise.

It has nothing to do with any specific, snazzy workout program or diet plan, and EVERYTHING to do with understanding how to have a healthy mindset so that all the healthy habits you need just happen on autopilot.


Healthy Mindset Shift 1: Self Care, not Self Punishment

So often we use exercise and diet as a form of punishment:

"I had a messy weekend, now I have to only eat salads and work out 4 times this week"

"I haven't trained in weeks, I need to work out every day this week to make up for it"

"I had some cake earlier, that was so bad... I'm going to fast for 24 hours now"

It's this mindset of Good Things vs Bad Things - if you do something 'bad' now you have to make up for it.

This messes up your relationship with food and exercise and is just not a healthy mindset to have.

Instead, come at things from the other direction:

"I have one body. I need to take care of myself. I love myself the way I am, but I want to stay healthy as I get older.
I am worth taking care of. Part of taking care of myself is to exercise so I'm fit and healthy for those I love, and I maintain a healthy weight by eating the right things most of the time.
If I eat and drink too much sometimes, that's OK, I'm not a bad person, and I don't need punished... I will just try and do better tomorrow."

See the difference? Making healthier decisions needs to be done because you see the value in taking care of yourself, not punishing yourself.

Next, let's talk about how to fit in these healthy mindset habits, even when your life is hectic!


Wait, are you an out-of-shape guy over 40 who's fed up trying and failing to get fitter, slimmer, healthier and happier as you get older?

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Healthy Mindset Shift 2: Journey vs Destination

To have a healthier mindset when it comes to getting in shape, boosting health and possibly losing weight you need to focus on the journey rather than the destination.

What I mean is, I made much more progress and felt less stressed about the whole 'project' when I stopped thinking about

- "I must lose X lbs by Y date" and

- "I must be less stressed ASAP"...

and instead simply decided to take the same, simple doable small steps each day, in the knowledge I would eventually get to where I wanted to be.

I'll talk in a sec about the simple healthy habits I developed to eventually get in great shape without any yo-yo dieting or extreme tactics.

But to have a healthy mindset you need to get away from having any expectations about WHEN you will reach whatever your health/fitness/body shape goal:

you'll get there when you get there

as long as you manage to build sustainable habits that move the needle a little each day in the right direction.


Healthy Mindset Shift 3: Tiny Habits = Massive Results

So we're focused on the journey, right?

We need to build a few simple habits over time, habits which you'll know are right for you when you answer a simple question:

To look after myself better, what do I need to do daily to make that happen?

Here are the healthy habits I built for myself over weeks and months when answering that question for myself:

  • don't stay up late, get to bed at 10.30pm

  • don't drink alcohol Monday-Friday

  • avoid sugar and processed snacks Monday-Friday

  • take some cheap minerals to help you fall asleep

  • work out or go for a walk every day for body and mind

  • eat just enough to no longer feel hungry, no more no less.

Those habits seem stupidly simple right? Believe me, after a couple of weeks they transformed my whole life:

  • boundless energy, better mood, more libido due to more sleep

  • lost weight from avoiding crap and sugar and having smaller portions

  • built muscle and stamina from 3 workouts and 4 walks per week

  • reduced stress by sleeping more and clearing my head during walks

  • better digestion by avoiding alcohol and sugar

See what I mean? To have a healthy mindset you don't need extreme approaches to workouts, dieting, taking buckets of supplements or having to meditate for hours - stupidly simple healthy habits will get you where you want to go!


Those are the 3 main healthy mindset shifts I recommend to you if you want to build a mindset of self-care and self-improvement.

So do what you need to to look after yourself better, focusing on the journey and not stressing about when you'll reach your destination. And ask yourself what tiny steps you can take each day to improve your health, fitness and well-being.

In weeks I promise you, you will have the healthy mindset you've been aiming for, without feeling like you've had to turn life upside down!


Remember of you're guy 40+ fed up with being out of shape, grab your TWO free guides below to get started, working WITH and not AGAINST your body, to get fitter, slimmer, healthier and happier:

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