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5 Mens Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Unfit Guys Over 40

So here’s the deal, you KNOW all the generic mens healthy lifestyle tips — drink water, eat vegetables, sleep more, get some exercise, blah blah.

Those apply to everyone, and I’m sure you struggle with a couple of them like we all do.

Instead, I want to talk about the lifestyle tips I have used on myself and hundreds of male clients over 40 to help them get in shape and look and feel great as they get older...

mens healthy lifestyle tips

Why Do Men Over 40 Care About a Healthy Lifestyle?

As well as being a mens lifestyle coach, I'm a 46 year old Dad of 3, so like me, what you probably want to know is:

  • How to get yourself out of the Unhealthy Post-40 Hole you’re currently stuck in, and…

  • How to avoid becoming a weak, stressed, overweight, creaky, unhappy mess in your 40s and 50s.

  • How to avoid being grumpy and sleep deprived from having to pee at 3am every night as my prostate is enlarged.

  • How to look and feel like a handsome b*stard as I age, not an overweight mess with zero muscle and a Hey It Is What It Is body shape.

  • How to stay driven and motivated in my life and career, thriving rather than surviving

  • How to retain mobility, flexibility, and strength for as long as possible

  • How to be in a ‘good place’ mentally and physically thanks to keeping my hormones balanced without medication.

Does that tick any boxes for you too?

Well, let’s jump in to how to achieve all that! These are my genuinely useful, doable Mens Healthy Lifestyle Tips for older guys like us...

1. Avoid Weight Gain By Managing Your Now-Crappy Metabolism

Your body used to be able to deal with anything —

  • Weekends of debauchery

  • Take-out food

  • 4-course restaurant meals

<sobs sentimentally>. No more!

Everything bites us in the ass these days. But we can work WITH our bodies rather than against them, building healthy lifestyle habits and avoiding gaining more weight across our belly and chest.

How? By limiting the main troublemakers:

  • Alcohol

  • Sugar

  • Junk Food

… making them more of a Weekend Thing than an All The Time thing. That way we can avoid fat gain, digestive issues and feeling bloated all the time.

2. Look After Your Prostate Gland

I remember hearing my Dad talk about his prostate when I was a teenager, and, as I so often did at that age, I just wanted him to shut up and stop talking.

Karma is a b*tch though — until recently I was suffering from an enlarged prostate myself, which was causing me problems with frequent urination and middle-of-the-night bathroom trips. I know, too much information!

You can give your own prostate some TLC by:

  • Supplementing with Saw Palmetto

  • Drinking Green Tea

  • Keeping sugary and processed foods to a minimum


Grab TWO FREE guides to help you get fitter and healthier ASAP in your 40s and beyond:


3. Retain (and Build More!) Muscle to Still Look Handsome :-)

If your Testosterone levels have dipped due to a lack of healthy lifestyle habits — lack of sleep, too much alcohol, excess body fat — then you will also start losing muscle mass.

This leads to you having the classic ‘Dad-Bod’:

  • skinny arms and legs

  • narrow shoulders

  • excess chest & belly fat.

This is both unhealthy, and, let’s face it, not a great look — clothes don’t look good, and you hate stripping off on the beach.

You need to understand how to have a healthy mindset, and part of that is to take steps to retain what muscle you have, and build some more (it’s still totally achievable after 40) by following these two tips:

  • working out with resistance training 2–3 times per week to give your muscles a reason to stick around and grow

  • keeping protein intake high each day (0.4–1g per lb bodyweight depending on goals).


4. Stay Driven & Motivated By Naturally Boosting Your Low Testosterone

Testosterone is our life force as men. When we’re running low, we don’t want to do much at all — sex, career ambition, hard work, motivation to exercise — they all decrease.

The good news is it’s fixable, because for the most part it’s our lifestyle habits that have caused the decrease, so we can get our T levels back to a healthy level again by:

  • Sleeping enough — get on a sleep schedule. Avoid screens and caffeine pre-bed.

  • Taking steps to manage stress — go for walks, practice mindfulness, meditate.

  • Supplementing with Zinc and Vitamin D3 — ensure adequate Test production.

  • Challenging the body with regular exercise.

5. Avoid Becoming A Creaky Rusty Old Bike Of A Man

I never used to spend ONE SECOND worrying about my mobility and joints. As a kid I just ran and jumped about, it was easy.

Imagine spending a day now trying to play like an 80s kid! Most of us would die within 5 minutes. Our desk-bound lives mean we are often a big stiff mess, struggling to get up and down off the floor, or run about with the kids.

We can become more flexible and supple, and less creaky by following a couple of simple healthier lifestyle tips:

  • Doing Drive-By Stretches — waiting for the coffee to brew? Do some stretches — touch your toes, arm circles, hip circles, air squats — avoid seizing up! Do this throughout the day.

  • Supplement with Fish Oil, great for oiling your joints so you’re not clicking and crunching around the place.


We can absolutely THRIVE after 40, instead of becoming weak, unhealthy and unhappy with our body shapes and fitness — hopefully some of those healthy lifestyle tips for men over 40 will help YOU thrive now too.

Remember to grab your TWO FREE guides, to help you get in shape and use supplements that actually work for men over 40, right here:

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