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Let's Work Together to Get You THRIVING Again, eh?

After 40, women can easily feel like it's too late or too hard to get fitter, slimmer and healthier and improve their body shapes. Because it IS damn hard...

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With work and family demanding so much of your time and energy, AND the peri-menopause or full menopause rearing its ugly head, it can feel like your body is working against you.

You WANT to keep looking great in your favorite clothes, feeling healthy and sexy as you get older... but you feel powerless to reverse what's happening to your body.

No, I'm not just being another annoying 'mansplainer' here!

Because even though, yes,  I'm a 46-year-old married Dad-of-3 from sunny Ireland (here's me trying to look pretty)...

I still know exactly what you're going through and I know I can help.

And that's because I've been a fitness and lifestyle coach for women over 40 for 15 years (as well as helping my wife when she wants to listen to me...), and have been blessed to have coached hundreds of women just like you.

Women with:

  • Demanding Jobs

  • Multiple Kids, Ageing Parents

  • A Crazy-Busy Household and

  • A Thickening Waistline

And I have helped them turn things around and THRIVE again, using the exact approach we'll use in my 12-week 1:1 coaching program.

Testimonials from Happy Women!

"I have lost 31lbs in weight working with Chris. I’m most grateful for how he has taught me to eat sensibly in a way that fits around the diet of my 2 kids. He has completely changed my body shape and attitude to food and exercise".


- Julie-Anne, 49

"Working with Chris was absolutely fantastic!  I found his approach to food and exercise easy to follow, realistic & no silly diets.  I had never worked with a coach before, so it was great to learn the basics that work for a woman my age, and he definitely helped me push myself in a way I wouldn't have been able to on my own. I would recommend Chris to anyone!".


- Patricia, 41

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Working 1:1 with me on my THRIVING program will ensure you:

  • Lose weight while eating like a normal human being

  • Improve your fitness and body shape with less than 2 hours' training per week

  • Regain the energy, focus and drive you've been missing

  • Rebalance your hormones so your body works 'properly' again

  • Lower stress, cope with whatever life throws at you...

... and all without having to do anything too hardcore or turn your busy home and work life upside down!

But how can you be sure my THRIVING Program is what you need?

Maybe the idea of online coaching is new to you? How does it all work? What kind of workouts, dietary and lifestyle plans would you be following?

Let's have a quick, informal online chat so you can find out more eh?

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